Bringing the world to you

The World Scholars program is a collective of talented young professionals, dedicated to sharing their educational experiences around the globe. In particular, we bring opportunity out of the ivory tower, to schools that aim to enrich their students' lives with a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Interactive Learning

Learning happens both inside the classroom and out. The World Scholar Program is not only a seminar series, but an entire experience for the school. Combining traditional lectures, with hand-on activities and active learning, students come away from the World Scholars program with a renewed sense of vigour and exploration in their studies.

Passion for Humanities and Sciences

From Acting to Computer Science, the world scholars bring a range of experience to campus that enlivens the atmosphere, and asks students to push beyond their comfort zone.

Experienced and Enthusiastic

The world scholars come from both academia and industry, giving students a look into what sort of careers are possible when you dream big.